A WordPress newsletter plugin – would you give it a thought ?

With WordPress installed, the Web is your oyster – everything is easily achievable because the guys working on WordPress and those developing plugins for it have tried their best to provide everything to be usable out of the box. There comes a time when you wonder, however, is there a plugin that will successfully allow me to send my newsletter? Of course! That type of plugin is called a WordPress newsletter plugin

The benefits of a WordPress newsletter plugin

When thinking about the benefits of a WordPress newsletter plugin, try to first think of the benefits of offering your users a newsletter. It’s good because you offer them the opportunity to stay in track with the latest additions in your site without having to actually open it up every now and then to check for something new that you’ve posted.

Newsletters allow you to also remind your now dormant user base that you still exist. Lots of users stop visiting a particular website not because they hate it , but because they simply forget. With the use of a WordPress newsletter plugin you can avoid that.

Getting a WordPress newsletter plugin

If you’re willing to shell out some cash on a WordPress newsletter plugin, there’s a perfect opportunity for you to do so, and get an exquisite plugin which helps you with nearly all facets of posting a newsletter – from designing it to sending it, all out of the box functionality. It’s called Wysija and it’s one of the most popular plugins for that particular purpose.

Free alternatives for solving your WordPress newsletter plugin needs include lots of plugins on the WordPress.org site, but particularly useful plugins are Mailing List and WordPress e-Newsletter Plugin, which will grant you the opportunity to show your users that they might have forgotten you, but you haven’t forgotten them.