The Importance of Long Tail Keywords – Why Go After Them?

There has been quite a lot of stir for many years now about Long Tail keywords. You might also have been thinking about what is so special about Long Tail keywords? 

In simple words Long Tail keywords are those search terms on search engines which get only a small percentage of traffic as compared with a Head keyword but the aggregate effect of all the long tail keywords creates a huge volume of traffic. The Head keywords have huge traffic but they have huge competition as well, whereas long tail keywords have less traffic but they also have less competition in the search engines. 

Since the competition is low, it is easier to rank in the search engines for these long tail keywords than when compared with a Head keyword. 

But Why Will i Rank for Low search volume?

Wired Magazine carried an article by Chris Anderson in 2006 in which he wrote that the future of search traffic is not in getting huge traffic from one keyword but the potential was in going after niche keywords and we have millions of those. Think of these niches as long tail keywords. 

Many research studies have shown that millions of long tail keywords manage to get a LOT more traffic than fewer big search volume keywords. 

Advantages of Long Tail Keywords

These small traffic long tail keywords have two advantages over the bigger search volume keywords:

  • The competition is much less
  • The total aggregate traffic is more 

Therefore, instead of wasting years in trying to rank for a head keyword or search term which has huge competition and in the end you might not be able to rank even after spending years, it is a lot smarter way to go after long tail keywords which you can get ranked a lot easier and without spending and wasting years of your hard work. 

You can already see that keyword research is extremely vital for success of an online business. You will never be able to rank if you make choice of difficult keywords due to cut throat competition for those terms in Google and other smaller search engines. 

But if you perform deep keyword research and build interesting and powerful content around those keywords, you have far greater chances of getting ranked for these long tail phrases or keywords. The best tool for finding long tail keywords which i can recommend is Long Tail Pro. 

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