The Best Five Substitutes to Android Market

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You can get android apps from other places apart from Google’s Android Market. If you are searching for an app store to take the place of an Android Market that is no longer there, or social recommendations or free paid apps, several options are at your disposal.  .

All the app stores are officially permitted – any store that offers apps for free compensates the developer for giving them the opportunity. If you use Opera, it is possible that your device already has an alternative applications store.

Permitting Non-Market Applications

If you try to install any app that was not gotten from the Android Market, Android will block you by default. You must get the “Unknown Sources” option within the Apps settings screen enabled, if you want to make use of any of the substitute app stores.

Amazon Appstore

The most popular substitute to Android Market is arguably Amazon’s app store. The Kindle Fire has it by default. This application store is available only in theUnited statesand that is its main disadvantage.

The Amazon Application Store is an excellent substitute to Android Market, for individuals who live in the Untied States. Apart from having lots of free apps and paid apps, it gives out a new paid application every day free of charge. You can take a look at the new free applications they offer by visiting their site each day. The free apps they offer can only be claimed within a day.


GetJar is available everywhere, but is not as popular. GetJar offers free paid apps as well.

The paid apps that GetJar offers free of charge do not expire, unlike the ones offered by Amazon. New paid applications are added to GetJar’s free “Gold Apps” area each week.


AppBrain’s approach to app store is quite different. It prides itself as an application recommendation system. You can view your friends’ preferred apps and find people using its social features. Also you can view the site’s present most popular applications moment.

Your device is scanned by AppBrian’s recommendation engine, and then gives you personalized application recommendations, based on what is currently installed on your device.


SlideMe prides itself as the best substitute application store all over the world, though it is not widely known. It is preinstalled on a diversity of appliances, especially in areas where Android Market is non existent.

SlideMe offers a big collection of free and paid apps. Any time SlideME sells an app to someone, the company gives the developer a higher portion of the income than what Google gives the Android Market.

Opera App Store

Most users of Opera web browser are not aware that Opera’s app store is already on their devices. A link to the app store can be found on the speed dial page of Opera Mobile.

Opera got its app store after it acquired handster last year. You will Android apps plus applications for other platforms in it. The app store can be accessed via a web browser on your appliance, or you can download application APK files to the computer, using your PC’s web browser.

Several other app stores are not mentioned here. Access to Android Market is no longer as important as it used to be, now that there are numerous alternatives.

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