Kobo Mini Review – Good Small Sized e-Reader

kobo-miniThe company claims that Kobo Mini is the world’s smaller and lightest e-reader currently available in the e-reader market.


The Kobo Mini measures at 4 x 5.3 x 0.4 inches and weighs 4.7 ounces. This makes the device easy to hold and you can easily put it in your jacket or pant pocket without any problem. The design of Kobo Mini looks almost the same as Kobo Glo. The body is covered in a soft touch material seen on tablets and smart phones. There are no buttons on the bezel; below the display is a big company logo. There is no memory card slot and you get only 2GB of built in storage space, you will still have plenty of space on the cloud.

On the top are the power switch and a light indicator, the light will flash green for a while when the reader is powered on. On the bottom is the micro USB charging port. The back has the diamond pattern, just like other Kobo devices with a logo in the center. The back cover can be removed but to replace the battery you would have to unscrew another level of covering.

The Kobo Mini has a 5 inches display. The E Ink makes it readable in sunlight and it won’t burn your eyes. Kobo advance settings allow you to add weight and sharpness to the text but if you add too much the image quality might get a bit fuzzy.


Same as the design the software is pretty much the same as the one on Kobo Glo, everything is just smaller in size but some things fit perfectly on the small screen of Kobo Mini. The home page for example looks nice compared to that on Kobo Glo.

At the center of the screen you will find the images of your recently opened files. On the top is the toggle between Discover mode, which shows recommendations and the Read mode, which is the default home page. At the bottom of the screen are the links to Find Books, Library and Reading Life, which is the social reading network of Kobo.

The reading experience is a bit cramped due to the smaller screen but Kobo user interface is really handy. The top shows the title of the book your reading; the bottom shows the progress of how much you have read. While reading if you press down on a word, you can see its definition thanks to the people at Merriam-Webster. Along the bottom you will see options for adding notes, searching for words in the book and posting on Facebook. By taping the text you will see a tool bar for page up and buttons, for switching pages and texting adjustment settings.


To sum it all up, The Kobo Mini is a good small size e-reader. The small size makes it easier to carry around in your pocket. So if you are looking for a smaller size r-reader that you can travel with, the Kobo Mini might be the one for you.