Earning the Specialist Level of EMC Certification for the Platform Engineer Track

emc-testsliveCandidates who are interested in any of the five specialties in the EMC platform engineer track can obtain a certification at either the associate or specialist level. The associate level works well for candidates who are just entering into the IT field and for students and can be obtained by taking either the EMC E10-001 ISM v2 Exam or the E20-001 ISM Exam. However, candidates who have advanced levels of knowledge about deploying EMC solutions, diagnosing EMC product health, recommending enhancements, and assisting in resolving issues may wish to earn their certification at the specialist level.

To pursue the CLARiiON specialty track at the specialist level, candidates need to pass the EMC E20-611 CLARiiON Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers, while candidates who wish to pursue the EMC Centera specialty track must pass the E20-670 EMC Centera Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers. If a candidate is interested in obtaining a specialist level certification in Celerra, they need to successfully pass the E20-661 Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers. A specialist level of certification in the Symmetrix specialty is obtained through passing the EMC E20-616 Symmetrix Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers. Candidates who wish to earn a specialist level of certification in the VNX specialty must earn a passing score on the E20-690 VNX Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers.

Regardless of which specialist certification a candidate is attempting to pursue, exam preparation from TestsLive can help them. Additionally, EMC offers training courses and practice exams to assist a candidate in reviewing the relevant subject material. 

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