Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.Org

One of the most confusing question for anyone starting with WordPress is to figure out the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. In this article we are going to explain the difference in simple words. 

What is WordPress.org

WordPress.org is a software which you can download and install on your own web hosting. It is a total do it all by yourself solution for a WordPress blog. You also need to have your own domain for using WordPress.org. 

However, there are some major benefits with WordPress.org. For one thing, you can chose and install not only themes available on WordPress.org but also upload custom premium WordPress themes. Similarly you can also install any of more than 19,000 WordPress plugins to further customize your WordPress site. 

In addition to this you can edit any PHP or other files on your WordPress site to make it look and act exactly as per your wishes. 

With all these comes the fact that you will need your own web hosting which will not be free. Additionally you will also need to pay for your own domain name like tipupdate.com. 

What is WordPress.com

With WordPress.com you do not need to have any hosting. Set up is really easy and web hosting is already free. With the free quality hosting comes automatic backups, spam protection, security and some exclusive plugins and services not available for WordPress.org. 

However, there are some majors cons with this option. You can not edit or modify PHP files. It is not possible to upload your own themes or plugins. The plugins available on WordPress.com are very thin in number as compared to 19,000 plugins on WordPress.org. 

You will also need to be content with one of about 200 WordPress themes and it is not possible to significantly edit your WordPress files. 

You will get a domain name like yourselectedname.WordPress.com, which sounds quite unprofessional compared with yourowndoemainname.com. You can get your own domain and map it to WordPress.com. 

There are also third party ads displayed on your blog and they are not in your control. If you want to have a no-ads WordPress.com blog, then you will need to pay $30 per year. It is not possible to remove links for advertisement of theme and WordPress. If you want to get premium themes on WordPress.com, you will need to pay up to $100. 

Should i Choose WordPress.com or WordPress.org

If you website or blog is just about personal and private things, then probably you should go with WordPress.com. However, if you are planning to have  professional and business WordPress blog then you need to have full control of hosting and all WordPress files for customization. And this is possible only with WordPress.org. This will give you full control over your site, branding and advertising. Moreover, you could be able to extend your site’s functions by installing any of the plugins and premium WordPress themes. 

So after knowing difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, it is about time you started taking action and start blogging. 

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